Sherri Onica Valle Cole for LA City Attorney 2022


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The Story

While on the road to becoming Los Angeles’ first Afro-Latina City Attorney, I’ve knocked on the door of many Angelenos to hear about the issues that they face and their concerns for our city. This past week, while walking with staff, a lovely young couple invited me into their apartment to further discuss issues revolving around housing. They went on to explain how unpleasant their living conditions were and how communication with the landlady was erratic and was only ever consistent when it came to delivering payment. So, when the time came to renew their lease, they decided to not renew their lease. In return, their landlord decided to “ghost them” and keep their deposit. These students were out almost two thousand dollars($2,000), not because they had missed payments or the apartment was in bad condition, but because of greed. It’s heartbreaking to hear because, as students, they are some of our most vulnerable who cannot afford to pay the legal fees to get their money. I thanked them for sharing their story with me and gave them some information on the next steps they can take to file their case.

For most of my campaign, I had been focusing on issues regarding housing and how it directly related to homelessness; for, as we all know, it is abysmal. But, here, this couple, former students of a highly esteemed private institution, were victims of fraudulent activity from their former landlady. 

As City Attorney, this is an issue I can and will make a direct contribution to. I was homeless as a little girl. I know the direct impact that actions, such as the aforementioned landlady, have on the lives of individuals. This is part of the problem that plagues Los Angeles’ housing issue, and I’m the candidate to STOMP it out. 



While canvassing for office, Onica has encountered many tenants who are being abused and exploited by their landlords. Los Angeles is

in need of a champion in City Hall.